What is Family Office?

Family Office has a long history going back to the 18th century in Europe.

It was set up to by the Rothschild’s family in a form of its own private bank, to oversee and control their family’s complex assets and chores in a comprehensive and effective way.

Family Office is a comprehensive family wealth management platform to protect and transfer family's multi-generational wealth and legacy through successful succession planning, long-term investment strategy, family governance, education, and philanthropy.

Why Do You Need a Family Office?

To strengthen and transfer family’s wealth & legacy for multi-generations
  • To separate business and family’s wealth for transparency and to manage each of them more effectively.
  • To preserve wealth & grow assets through multi-generations beyond taxes, inflation, fees, and spending.
  • To preserve legacy & continuity through succession planning.
  • To diversify assets and reduce risk through effective asset allocation.
  • To promote a family cohesion and provide a peace of mind.
  • To increase happiness through philanthropy, reflecting and carrying on family’s core values.
To protect family’s wealth & legacy from internal & external risks
  • To prevent over paying taxes or paying penalties from bad tax advice or lack thereof.
  • To limit family members’ excessive spending and oversight on making investment decisions.
  • To prevent members of family getting into quarrels over asset splits or different value system
  • To safeguard assets from being exposed to unpredictable movement in the financial, real estate market and government regulation changes
  • To avoid family members being exposed to bad investment advice or opportunities
  • To safeguard family’s wealth when the operating business goes through difficult times.
  • To avoid having lack of knowledge in wealth management at the time of succession especially the young generations.
  • To avoid having heavily relied on one particular asset.